Cider School!

Published by Dave Putman

Cider School is back in session!

We’ve crushed our patio ciders in the summer sun, and are excited to start a new year with information-packed and cider-soaked classes.

Tickets include a flight of  4 ciders, light snacks, and course instructor (we always finish with a special bottle opening, as well!). Class space is limited, so we recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time.

November 13th: Cider 101

In Cider 101, you will learn where cider came from, how it is made, the different kinds of ciders and why it seems to be everywhere you look these days. Sounds like a lot, but this is a cursory introduction that will prove one thing: cider is more than just a fizzy, fruity, fad; rather, it has been a foundation of modern civilization that continues to delight and surprise us.

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November 20th: Apples

The heart of cider is the apple. In this class we will cover all aspects of this amazingly hearty tree with a complicated growing pattern. Tastings will focus on single variety ciders.

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December 11th: Fruit, Spice, and Everything Nice

Cider isn’t just apples anymore, especially here in the United States. We are setting standards for new and exciting blends of different fruits, spices, and hops. We will be tasting for balance and inventiveness to this limitless category.

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December 18th: Holiday Cider Cocktails*

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for entertaining. In this class we will focus on simple cider cocktails for the holiday season. We will learn the basics of how to make cocktails for different tastes and group sizes.

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*Tickets will be $35 for this class