Tickets include a flight of 4 ciders, light snacks, and course instructor (we always finish with a special bottle opening, as well!). Class space is limited, so we recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time.

Monday, October 1st. - 7pm

“Get Buzzed with Honey! Mead & Cysers”

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Mead (honey wine) is likely the oldest fermented beverage in history; but only lately have we begun to discover all it has to offer us. In this class, we will explore the history of mead as well as the innovative approach of modern mead makers.

Monday, October 8th. - 7pm

“How the Make Cider at Home”

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Harvest has begun, and apples are abundant! But what equipment will you need? What should you prepare for as you in? How should you finish? We will show you everything you need to know to make hard cider from fresh (sweet) cider, that you can pick up from the local farmers market. Cider School is in session.

Monday, October 15th. 7pm

“Perry vs. Pear Cider”

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Perry is a unique cousin of cider made from 100% pears, and nothing tastes quite like it. Perry is distinct from Pear Cider, which would mean apple cider with pear blended in. This class will explore all of the wonderful aromas and different flavors found in perry, and how it differs from pear cider. We will explore pear beverages from Spain, England, France and the United States.

Monday, October 22nd. 7pm

“French Cider”

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When it comes to international cider, France has some of the strictest laws, and some of the most delicious blends. French cider making shows how centuries of tradition lead to specific techniques and distinct flavours. This class will take you through what France has to offer, and why their cidre is so unique.

Monday, October 26th. 7pm


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Absinthe is one of the most misunderstood spirits, due to nothing more than a witch hunt. In this class we will explore what absinthe is, how to drink it, and how it got such a mysterious reputation.

*This class costs $35 (instead of the standard $30)





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